CTE Curriculum Developed by MindFLEX Education

CTE Emergency Dispatcher

Formal curriculum prepares student for a career as a 911 emergency dispatcher.

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Academic Standards

Alignment to CTE Anchor, Pathway, Career Readiness and industry training standards.

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Secondary and Adult

Curriculum developed to accommodate both secondary and adult education needs.

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Pathway Flexibility

Concentrator, Capstone, Stand-Alone.

Whether in a newly formed or existing secondary pathway, or as an adult education course, CTE Emergency Dispatcher can be seamlessly implemented.

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Technical content that aligns to emergency communications training standards.

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Career Ready

A robust curriculum that aims to develop both technical and interpersonal skills.

Students develop tools to enter the workforce.

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MindFLEX Education's CTE Emergency Dispatcher curricula offers a dynamic suite of secondary and post-secondary certification courses designed to prepare students for a career in emergency communications.


Equipping students with the skills to gain employment as a 911 dispatcher. Learn more


Aligns to academic and occupational training standards. Learn more


A job in emergency dispatching can be incredibly rewarding, particularly when you help save a life. Learn more


Curricula incorporates simulation software used by public agencies to train personnel. Learn More

The number of emergency dispatching jobs will grow by 8% nationwide during the period 2016 to 2026 - faster than the national average. - US Department of Labor

Complete Pathway Solution

The entire suite of CTE Emergency Dispatcher courses have been designed to provide pathway flexibility. CTE Emergency Dispatcher Certification is a true Capstone course, while CTE Emergency Dispatcher Introductory can be sequenced as a Concentrator course. CTE Emergency Dispatcher Stand-Alone is a certification course ideal for post-secondary vocational programs.

Cultivating individual skillsets desired by public and emergency service agencies

Students learn to communicate effectively, actively listen, problem solve, embrace responsibility and accountability, operate within a team environment and apply practical leadership principles.

CTE Emergency Dispatcher courses align to academic and emergency telecommunications industry training standards.


Let us demonstrate how MindFLEX Education CTE Emergency Dispatcher curriculum can enhance your CTE program efforts. For additional information, please contact Steve Painter, Sales Department, (626) 251-0561, or visit our Product Request page.